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Mr. Troy A. Brown, Sr,.was a native Floridian who was born in Dade City and moved to Tampa at an early age. Mr. Brown was a pioneer in the electrical

industry, starting his career in 1905 as a shop boy for the Pierce Brother Electric Co., Pioneer electrical contractors. In 1915 the Pierce Company entered

the wholesale electrical supply business and the name was changed to Pierce Electric Company, Mr. Brown progressed and became an officer and later

continued his career as the General Sales Manager before resigning in 1927.

Raybro came into existence in September of 1927, when Mr. Brown and Mr. Lee Raley, joined forces and organized a complete electrical supply wholesaler

company. The name Raybro was coined from "Ray" of Mr. Rayley's name and "Bro" from Mr. Brown's name, thus the name of RAYBRO. The company started

operations in a small building on Twiggs Street in Tampa with four employees. 

In 1935, Mr. Troy Brown became Vice President and General Manager. The company, which was then well established in the Tampa area, started its expansion

program. In the same year, the company opened an office and a warehouse at 40 West Beaver Street in Jacksonville; then in 1939, opened its branch in Miami.

Between 1940-1959 Raybro was growing and opening various locations throughout the Florida area including, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Lakeland, Ft. Myers,

Clearwater and Sarasota. 

Today CED Raybro is one of the nation’s largest electrical supply distribution networks, with over 700 locations across the United States. We distribute just about

every piece of equipment that keeps your lights on, your energy flowing and your lifestyle comfortable. Our products are all around you.

Troy A. Brown, Sr. Founder         

Mr. Troy A. Brown Sr.                         Raybro Tampa Headquarters, Twigg Street 

                                         (exact date unknown, between 1927 – 1934)



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